The historic city of Wilhelmshaven was founded by Kaiser Wilhelm 1 of Prussia in 1869. It sits on the North Sea in Lower Saxony and was the home of German naval operations for most of the 20th Century. Today, it's the only deep-water seaport in Germany and, with it's oceanfront Sudstrand ("South Beach"), it's also a popular tourist destination. The climate is very mild in July on the North Sea, with highs near 80 and lows dipping into the 50s.

Wilhelmshaven is home to a shopping mall (near the hotel); the Market Street shopping district; the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site, dedicated to preserving native sea life; the Wilhelmshaven Aquarium (which includes a great souvenir store); an active German naval base; and a robust and growing port operation. You'll also find two military museums (army and navy) which are home to the WWII destroyer Molders and other 1940s- and 50s-era ships, submarines, airplanes, and more. There is an arts and entertainment district, including historic, major stage and film theaters and a wide variety of restaurants. A popular outdoor live music venue, Pumpwerk, hosts a Wednesday-night summer concert series and also shows soccer games on big-screen TVs. Pumpwerk and Havana Bar are popular spots with students just a short walk from the hotel.