Hanover is a major economic and media hub for Northern Germany. Students will take a 2-hour bus ride on the autobahn from Jade University to Hanover, where they'll spend the day touring NDR, the government-sponsored Northern Deutschland Radio, and FFN, an independent radio network. The NDR visit includes a stop in an elaborate and highly engineered musical performance theater which is home to the Hanover Police Symphony. Students will also visit NDR's television studio and production facilities and have a chance to walk on set and sit at a network radio microphone during their informative, guided tour. The FFN tour is also guided and it's a very different look at what a privately owned pop-music radio station looks and sounds like. You'll get to sit in the booth during a live radio broadcast and meet radio personalities while they work. You may even get to meet the official mascot of FFN, the "studiohund" Bizkit! You'll also enjoy lunch and a walking tour through the shopping district of this important German business center. This trip is included in your program fee.