My Hobbies

I have a problem that I like to call Hobby ADHD. I can't stick with just one for very long. My Hobbies include racquetball, baseball, cycling, skiing, long boarding, backpacking, carpentry, bass playing, singing, juggling, drawing, knife collecting, ultimate frisbee, photography and shooting. I've been blessed with a supportive family who allows me to follow my passions however long they may last.

Speaking of my passions, over to the right, you will find a smattering of videos that have struck my fancy recently. Pretty much anything involving heavy metal, fast cars, weapons, or amusing animals gets my pumped!

Lastly, though I would consider it more of a lifestyle than a hobby, I'd like to akcknowledge the most important part of my life, being my relationship with Jesus Christ. Nothing that I have been able to do woud have been possible without him. I am currently a student leader with CRU at Texas Tech and enjoy leading my fellow students in worship every week. This summer, I will be going to Russia with CRU to do mission work and am excited for the adventure and the oportunity to share Christ's love with the world.

Representing Red and Black!

A family that plays together, stays together!

The outdoors are awesome!!!

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