My Family

This is my family. From the left, that's Stephen, my dad Mark, Stephen's twin Brian, yours truely, Brian's girlfriend Kayla (once you're in the Christmas card, you're part of the family), my Mom Kathy, and my Grandma Helen. Don't be fooled by our calm dimeaner and inviting smiles, we are all psycho!

We are also very active. Our favorite family activities include camping, hiking, biking, running, team sports, playing music and napping when that's all done. My brothers are finishing their first year at college, Stephen at the University of New Mexico, and Brian at Embry Riddle Aeronotical University in Arizona. My dad is an principle architect at Design Group NM and my mom is a Pharmacist Clinician (whatever thet means) at Presbyterian Health Group. Kayla is a music nut and studies in Michigan, and my grandma pretty much does whatever she wants.

Brian Brian Brian Brian

Brian and Kayla

Mom and Dad



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