Roxie B

Hairflippin' since '92

When I was growing up, my parents moved around a lot. I have lived in 13 different places in Texas. Basically, I just like to say I was born and raised in Texas. I love to travel and have been to six countries and over a dozen states in the US. Needless to say I'm an efficient packer.

I have a big family and I am the oldest cousin. My family has always been involved and supportive in my life. My family is far from ordinary and that's why they are awesome. They are always loud, saying inappropriate things, funny and always ready to have a good time. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, just blame it on genetics.

Since I can remember I have always wanted to be a journalist. I'm particularly interested in hosting for morning shows. When I was an undergraduate, I created, produced and anchored a morning show called Coffee Talk . You can find the video in My Work tab.