My name is Yiwen Qiu (), you can also call me Yvonne. I was born and raised in Shanghai China. I got my bachelor degree of English in Shanghai Ocean University. After graduation, I joined an advertising company which runs its own English business magazine named Shanghai Business Review. Im focusing on magazine production including guidance of the advertising projects, issuing and printing of the magazine, organizing and coordinating the events of the company, and supervision of the general business. As a magazine person, I witnessed how the emerging medias now effect the print magazines today. Furthermore, compared to those courses just sticking in theoretical level, Texas Techs media communications program teaches more exact and measurable skills. So I decided to attend this program. I desire to learn more about the social media and digital media and get my academic background improved for advancing my career.


I come from ⇒ ⇒ Shanghai, China

The most dynamic city in the worlds fastest- changing nation, Shanghai is an exhilarating, ever-morphing metropolis that isnt just living Chinas dream, but is setting the pace for the rest of the world. Once a playground for foreign adventurers and socialites, the one-time whore of the Orient is now where home-grown tycoons build soaring monuments to capitalism and the locals party all night. But despite a past as evocative as it is notorious, Shanghai has dispensed with the rear-view mirror, pushed the pedal to the floor and is roaring towards its imagined future so fast that keeping up is almost impossible. New developments spring up weekly, while the rapidly growing middle classes work seven days a week in the hope of graduating to the big-time. Shanghai is much more Hong Kong than Bijng; there are no dusty imperial palaces here. Instead, European-style cityscapes and tempting, tree-lined neighbourhoods rub shoulders with the sci-fi skyline of Pdng. Shanghai was where China first met the West and its still a frontier town, obsessed with the latest fads, fashions and technology. But tucked between the shopping malls and the eye-popping modern architecture is the old Shanghai, where temples nestle down alleys, along with street markets and classical Chinese gardens. Shanghai is a city of stunning contrasts, where visitors can go from sipping a cocktail in a designer bar overlooking the Bund, to eating dumplings at a street stall, or gazing at a 10th-century Buddhist monastery, in the space of a few hours. Summer is hot and humid, winter can get cold, but Shanghai never stops.


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I like traveling. I have been to Malaysia, Cambodia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican, and Austria.

Can't Stop & Won't Stop

"Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. "
--------------Miriam Beard

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